Jyotishraj Thoudam is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. I received my BTech degree from NIT Manipur in the year 2017. My main interests are in building theories behind the inner workings of heat transfer, combustion etc. at nanoscales. If time permits, I enjoy reading ranging from novels to obscure math text and also finds delight in playing the guitar

Prasanna Kulkarni is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering. He received B.Tech degree from R.V.College of Engineering, Bengaluru, in the year 2017. Prasanna then graduated from IIT Gandhinagar with an M.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. Currently, he is pursuing Ph.D. in IIT Gandhinagar in the Mechanical Engineering discipline. He is also one of the recipients of the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF). His research interests are heat transfer, combustion, fluid mechanics, and multi-phase flows. He spends his leisure time reading novels/books, play table tennis and badminton.

Sk Hossen Ali is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from Techno India, Salt Lake with a B Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. His interests are in the subjects of heat and mass transfer, fluids mechanics, thermodynamics, and other related subjects. During free time, Hossen Ali loves reading, cooking and playing cricket.

Ganeshkumar V is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering. He completed B.E Mechanical Engineering at Madras Institute of Technology - Anna University and received Gold Medal for securing First Rank with CGPA of 9.84/10. His ambition is to become Scientist in the field of Space Science. He is curious to develop methods, techniques and softwares which will help the science community to understand concepts and perform complex calculations. Ganesh is actively working in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics and High Performance Computing. His other areas of interest are Astrodynamics/Orbital Mechanics, Space Mission Design, Spacecraft Dynamics and Control. His hobbies are playing Volleyball, Badminton and Watching Movies.

Chirag Anil Kumar is an M Tech Student in Mechanical Engineering. Chirag received BTech degree from Government Engineering College Thrissur in 2019. Chirag's hobbies include reading novels, watching movies, learning something interesting, gaming and sports such as badminton.

Roshith Mittakolu is an M Tech Student in Mechanical Engineering. Roshith received B.Tech degree from NIT Calicut in 2018. His interests lie in the field of Computational Fluid dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Compressible flows. His hobbies are reading books and playing video games..

Souritra Garai is a senior undergraduate in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. He is passionate about developing computer programs for solving scientific problems. In particular, he is interested in solving problems related to energy transport and thermodynamics. Currently, he is working on developing a computational model to simulate combustion in packed pellets of energetic particles. Apart from that, Souritra takes an active interest in robotics, specifically hardware programming. His other hobbies are playing football, listening to music and watching movies.


  1. Nikhil Joshi, M Tech student (2017), presently at Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad
  2. Pooja Bhat, Junior Research Fellow (2017), presently PhD student at University of Freiburg, Germany
  3. Tejas Mane, Junior Research Fellow (2018), presently M.S. student at University of Pennsylania, USA
  4. Nilkumar Mathur, M Tech student (2018), presently working at John Deere, Pune
  5. Aditya Sakhare, M Tech student (2018), presently working at Mathworks
  6. Priyank Mehta, M Tech student (2018), presently working at Banas Diary
  7. Chirag Korat, M Tech student (2018), presently Assistant Professor, Saffrony Institute of Technology
  8. Satbir Singh, M Tech student (2019), presently working as Lecturer, DTE Govt.of H.P
  9. Ankit Sharma, M Tech student (2019), presently working as an Engineering at Xylem Inc.
  10. Pinki, M Tech student (2019), presently working at Bombardier Transportation India Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Abhik Chandra, M Tech student (2019), presently working as Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services
  12. S.U. Mugilan, Junior Research Fellow (2019)
  13. Deepam Dubey, M Tech student (2020), presently working as Engineer at Addverb Technologies
  14. Ruchi Thosare, M Tech student (2020), presently working at Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.